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What we did:

  • Supported and Voted for Teacher & Staff Pay Increases in the FY20, FY21, FY22 & FY23 Budgets

  • Ensured that NO NPS members were laid off or furloughed during the Pandemic closure months

  • Supported All Staff Pandemic Bonuses including a $2,500 and added $1,000 bonus in FY22 and an added $1,000 in FY23

  • Approved Amended 3-year ($13.78 million) Plan from 4 years to fully address Staff Salary Compression including $2.36 million in FY 2023

  • Increased bus driver base hourly pay from $15.30/hour to $21.64/hour

  • Increased base substitute teacher pay from $14.00 to $17.50/hour

  • Approved calendar adjustments to support the social and emotional well-being of our teachers and staff.

  • Supplied funding for device (laptop) replacements for teachers

  • Funded Grow Our Own Program for reaching and mathematics through a partnership with a local university that grows the pipeline for reaching and math specialists

  • Funded Grow Our Own Program to continue a division-level program to develop future school-building leaders

  • Funded Grown Our Own Program to supply a pipeline for hiring gifted resource teachers

  • Funded Grown Our Own Program to supply a pipeline for hiring media specialists

  • Funded Principal Coaching Mentors to build the capacity of building administrators by supplying 1:1 mentoring services

  • Approved Health Insurance Premium; continue supplying a robust benefits plan; premium increase by 6% effective December 2022. This cost increase will be shared between NPS and employees.

More to Do:

  • Approve a plan that eliminates teacher pay compression by the start of the 2023-24 School Year.

  • Work with our funding partners to identify the necessary funding to move Norfolk Public Schools into the region's Top 3 school districts in teacher and staff salary.

  • Approve a School Calendar that provides at least one Virtual workday starting in the 2023-24 school year.

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What we did:

  • We rolled out a wide range of tutoring options, including school-based programs with teachers and support staff, as well as in-person and virtual programs through partners like FEV tutor that supplied targeted support individual and group settings.

  • In the Summer of 2021, we approved funding to provide (7,000 students) and in the Summer of 2022 (10,000 students) Free Summer Basic Skills and Innovation Programs. This was done to provide extended learning programs during the summer with a focus on learning recovery.

  • Our instructional leaders also incorporated local assessment data to drive classroom instructional plans that would address specific focus areas and mitigate learning loss.

  • We supported the widest array of free summer learning and enrichment opportunities ever offered, with academics as well as art, music, STEM, language, wellness, and more.

  • We made progress toward our goal of universal preschool for every child in Norfolk. In September 2022, we are opening more early education centers, adding new pre-K programs at our elementary schools such as James Monroe Elementary and the former Fairlawn Elementary, expanding partnerships, and more mixed-income classrooms to continue increasing equitable access for our families

  • We supplied support for early learners to supply PALS tutoring in grades K-2

  • Extended school day/tutoring program to address learning loss of students throughout the school year

  • Funded added English Learner Supports to supply academic support for students

  • Approved Gifted Education 5-Year Local Plan with increased effort on expanding gifted education to all elementary schools and creating a better pipeline

More to Do:

  • Increase academic excellence for each student by Ensuring each student is prepared for life and career through the 3 E’s (Employment, Education, and Enlisted).

    • Each student receives a certification that can lead to employment

    • Each student who wishes to continue their educational journey at a two- or four-year institution is prepared to do so.

    • Each student who wishes to enlist in military service is prepared to do so.

  • Implementing effective literacy and mathematics instruction and interventions for students’ grades PreK-12 to ensure each student is prepared to meet or exceed learning standards across all content areas.

  • Continue to fund Free Summer Basic Skills and Innovation Programs

  • Ensure we have a highly qualified Teacher in every NPS Classroom

  • Ensure Full Accreditation for all NPS

  • Ensure that all students including students with disabilities and gifted have the necessary resources to support their educational success

  • Support partnerships with Collegiate partners to support growing your own and teacher career switcher programs.

  • Support “Drive for 5” Strategic Plan efforts:

  • Close student achievement gaps in all targeted subgroups

  • Increase the number of students graduating on time

What we did:

  • The approved the "Continue the Drive for FIVE" NPS 5-Year Strategic Plan at our September 21, 2022 Business Meeting. 

What we did:

  • Approved funding in the FY23 Budget to:

    • support for Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) through part-time social workers, school counselors, psychologists, and SEL programming

      • Behavioral Specialist (5) added behavioral intervention supports for schools

      • Teacher Specialist – Athletics (1) to supply social-emotional support & health mitigation for students

      • School Social Workers (5) to increase mental health supports

      • School Social Worker Administrator adjusted the contract of an existing position

    • to create before and after-school programs and clubs for students to interact with one another at each school

    • to add wellness champions’ stipends at each school to aid in monitoring the school’s PBIS program and to support the development of student's social skills, self-esteem, and connectivity to the school program

    • to support Social-Emotional Support for Special Education Students to foster a holistic outreach (instructional resources, online learning platform lessons, and progress monitoring tools)

    • to provide the children in St. Paul’s Quadrant with educational and social-emotional support; including part-time pay for social workers, school counselors, and psychologists to supply necessary services

    • to Purchase curriculum materials that support social-emotional learning

    • to support professional development to support social-emotional learning

    • to stand up for Restorative Practice programming to foster positive relationships between students and staff and to contribute to the development of a caring environment

Minimize External Barriers to a Child’s Ability to Learn

  • Advocated and ensured all students attending Ward 3 Schools and across the district had access to a Digital Device and MiFi Internet beginning in the 2020-21 School Year to Current

  • Advocated for the expansion of student meal distribution sites, including weekends and holidays as well as for Congress to Approve the Keep the Kids Fed Act (H.R. 8150) Approved by Congress on July 1, 2022

Expand Early Learning and Career Technical Education (CTE)

  • Approved funding in the FY23 Budget

    • Add (7) Pre-K Teachers and (7) Assistants to support the growing mixed delivery model

    • Add (3) Early Childhood Center Counselors to support the needs of early childhood students and parents

    • Direct Mailing to supply information to preschool families and students to re-engage them in the learning process

    • Establish Parent Learning Center to supply support for families to learn about instructional materials and a variety of ways to better support their children,

    • Supplies to provide individual supplies packets for all Pre-K students to prevent sharing

CTE (Career and Technical Education)

  • Advocated for allocation to support a Division Wide CTE Study to examine the benefits and potential of moving to a High School Academy (Career Pathway) Structure at the High School level

  • Hired added CTE Teachers to support expanded CTE Courses

  • Approved Annual Career & Technical Education Plan

More to Do:

  • Support efforts to move all five of our high schools to a Career Academy Model

  • Continue to lead efforts at the state level to advocate for full funding for Public Education in Norfolk and across the Commonwealth

  • Complete the creation of a NEW 3-8 program at Ruffner Academy

  • Expand PreK3-4 offers for all Norfolk children

  • Expand Student Free Meal Program to tackle child hunger

  • Continue to provide devices and Wi-Fi internet connections to all students who need them.

  • Address the Social-Emotional well-being of students and families by increasing the number of social workers, and psychologists and partnering with Human Service providers.

  • Continue to expand our Alternative Education program offers to include PBIS and Restorative Justice Programs.

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What we did:

More to Do:

  • Continue to advocate and work with our City and State Funding partners to increase NPS Capital Improvement Budget for Schools

  • Implement a new Educational Plan for NPS to determine strategic direction concerning School facilities usage and academic program alignment.

  • Continue efforts to provide 1 to 1 device and high-speed internet services for our students and teachers

  • Ensure every classroom has an interactive Flat Screen Classroom Panel

  • Complete Phase 1 and 2 of the Booker T. Washington Vision for the Future feasibility plans

  • Approve feasibility study recommendation regarding Maury High School

  • Continue Board Approved projects that replace School roofs, windows, doors, and HVAC systems.

  • Continue the work on the replacement of (Ward 3) Jacox and Norview Elementary Schools on or before 2028.

  • Support an emergency budget amendment to increase School Security Officer starting pay.

  • Increase the levels of School Security Officers ensuring that each NPS School and Facility has the recommended Security presence.

  • Support budgetary efforts that update and enhance school security measures including metal detectors and other weapon detection systems

  • Support the efforts of the Board re-instated “Safe and Secure Schools Taskforce”

What we did:

  • Authorized the development of a New 5-year District Strategic Plan (Summer 2022 Approval)

  • During the height of the pandemic, I adopted and announced the RESTART Plan for in-person as presented by the National Urban League placed emphasis on 1) Health & Safety First 2) Family & Community Input 3) An Intentional Focus on Equity 4) Resources & Funding

  • Personally, visited every Ward 3 School to see first-hand COVID Safety protocols and how they were being implemented in support of students' and teachers' safe return to in-person learning

  • Advocated for the creation and implementation of a District Weekly COVID-19 Reporting Protocol

  • Supported ongoing District Monitoring and Accountability for Student Performance Reports

  • Supported the development of revisions to the School Boards Policy about Community Engagement and Input, specifically surrounding Educational Planning (School Realignment & Closing)

  • Ensured the District's Plan for use of ARPA funds was made public and voted on (December 15, 2021) to support the plan. Click to view the funding plan

More to Do:

  • Approve a plan that eliminates teacher pay compression by the start of the 2023-24 School Year.

  • Work with our funding partners to identify the necessary funding to move Norfolk Public Schools into the region's Top 3 school districts in teacher and staff salary.

  • Approve a School Calendar that provides at least one Virtual workday starting in the 2023-24 school year.

What we did:

  • Voted to hire a New District Community Engagement Director

  • Successfully launched Virtual Podcast “LIVE with Carlos Clanton, Board Member Clanton e-newsletter and constituent website

  • Maintained Social Engagement via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn

  • Brought the Scout Reach STEM and Mentoring Pilot Afterschool Program to 4th & 5th-grade boys and girls at Lindenwood Elementary; currently serving as an Assistant Scout Leader

  • Lead efforts in the development of the Board Legislative Priorities and Agenda to the Virginia General Assembly. General Assembly passed JLRC Study due to our efforts.

  • Championed the relaunch of the Districts Faith-based Partnership initiatives

  • Worked with Business Leaders to drive investment back into our Schools.

  • Spoken in person and virtually to Civic league, Community Stakeholders, and PTA meetings

  • NPS launched a new Volunteer Portal and promotional campaign

  • Approved funds to support overtime for family engagement specialists to work within the community to re-engage families and students

More to Do:

  • Support efforts to bring back the former resource and training program “Parent University” and further support the renaming and rebranding to “Family University” to support a more inclusive focus for all caring adults.

  • Support the district’s objective to increase trust amongst NPS stakeholders through timely and transparent communications regarding division-level decisions.

  • Support efforts to improve partnerships with external organizations to better meet the needs of each student.

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